Gibbons-White, Inc. celebrates 25 years of commercial property and commercial association management - working with owners and boards of directors to enhance property values and return on investment!


Owner Relations:

Our entire management team will work closely with the Owner to:

  • Tour the property with the Owner to ascertain the property condition.
  • Work closely to establish clear cut goals and objectives.
  • Ensure a clear understanding and agreement on communication styles and preferences.
  • Determine deferred maintenance and capital improvement needs.
  • Discuss stabilization techniques for the property.
  • Review existing leases and create a succinct lease abstract for each tenant.
  • Review current insurance on the property as it relates the Lease requirements.
  • Create a measurable set of expectations.


Tenant Relations:

Our tenant relations team will spend the time to get off to the right start with your tenants-increasing tenant satisfaction and retention ratios.

  • Interview each tenant individually to determine property experience.
  • Review each lease as it relates to past performance and lease structure.
  • Review each tenant’s history of maintenance requests and issues.
  • Review tenant’s experience of past ownership/and property managers.
  • Explore each tenant’s expansion contraction relocation and financial performance information.
  • Listen intently to each tenant and develop a sound basis for a great working relationship.
  • Routine property inspections to find and solve issues proactively.


Maintenance Services - Vendor Relations:

We bring intense focus on sourcing and managing service delivery vendors. Our service providers show up and get the job done on time.

  • Long standing excellent relationships with local and regional vendors allow us to pass on to the owner and the tenant reliable service at the right cost with priorities in delivering the services needed.
  • Reliable 24 x 7 365 day per year professional emergency on call and vendor dispatch services.
  • Custom Vendor contracts to protect the owner and  ensuring appropriate vendor insurance coverage.
  • Maintenance contracts bid annually and supervised carefully to ensure delivery of good quality materials and services.
  •  Preventive Maintenance plans customized to meet the owners objectives


Administration of Management & Financial Reporting:

"Well done is better than well said” Gibbons-White, Inc. gets the job done.

  • Timely Rent Collection.
  • Administrate each lease with the instigation of appropriate measures to enforce the lease.
  • Pass-through of correct costs according to each lease taking into account the particular situation at hand.
  • Comprehensive Budget Development with reforecasting capabilities.
  • Aged Delinquency reporting with proper lease enforcement policies.
  • Physical maintenance and management narrative reports.
  • Comprehensive monthly financial statements using  state of the art cash or accrual accounting system.
  • Detailed  operating cost reconciliation with capacity to re-forecst mid year.
  • Detailed monthly and year to date Actual vs Budget Variance reporting.
  • Customized monthly reports as required to meet Owners Objectives.